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Hey, all you college-bound kids: What’s the easiest thing you can do to impress prospective schools? It’s not your GPA. It’s not the debate team. It’s your Facebook – and your Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Vine, and any other social media feeds that colleges can see. And yes, they’re looking. Get answers to the most important questions about what colleges want to see.

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Wow. Just…wow.

I couldn’t resist posting this quote from a New York Times article:

Meanwhile, in an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, Mr. Trump described himself as the person he listens to most on foreign policy.

“I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things,” Mr. Trump said.

The more he speaks, the scarier it gets.




3 Kinds of Apps That Stir Up Drama in Schools | Common Sense Media

If your kid is among the 73% of teens who have access to a smartphone, you’re well aware of the app obsession that can take over a brain and body in seconds. Multiply that by the average student population at your middle or high school, and you see the problem many schools are facing this back-to-school season. For teens, smartphones + apps = social networking. And where there’s social networking, there’s sure to be drama.

Source: 3 Kinds of Apps That Stir Up Drama in Schools | Common Sense Media


Where is your kid’s digital reputation headed? (Common Sense Media)

It’s a great big digital world out there filled with texts, chats, apps, tweets, blogs, likes, videos, photos, games, memes, links to this, links to that, and links to who knows what. As a parent, you want to empower your kids to navigate the twists and turns of their digital lives responsibly. So where do you start? And more importantly, how  do you empower them without lecturing?

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Non-Drug ADHD Treatments Don’t Pan Out in Study

(HealthDay News) — Many parents pursue costly and time-consuming treatments to help their children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Now, a new study finds little evidence that non-drug interventions reduce key symptoms of ADHD.

A multinational team of experts identified no positive effects from psychological treatments including mind exercises (cognitive training), neurofeedback and behavioral training (positive reinforcement). And the researchers discovered only small benefits associated with dietary treatments: supplementation with omega-3 and omega-6 free fatty acids, and elimination of artificial food coloring.

Still, parents shouldn’t be discouraged, said study co-author Dr. Emily Simonoff.

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Boredom at Work Can Spur Creativity, Studies Find

(HealthDay News) — Being bored at work may boost some people’s creativity because it gives them time to daydream, new research suggests.

In one study, 40 volunteers were asked to copy numbers from a telephone directory for 15 minutes. Once they completed that boring task, they were asked to come up with different uses for a pair of Styrofoam cups. These volunteers were more creative in the cup task than a group of 40 people who had not done a boring task before being asked to come up with uses for the cups.

In the second study, 30 people spent 15 minutes copying telephone numbers while another 30 people just read telephone numbers. The people who just read the numbers were more creative in the cup task than those who wrote the numbers, the investigators found.

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Binge Drinking Common Among U.S. Women, Girls: CDC

HealthDay News — Binge drinking is a significant problem among women and girls in the United States, with one in five female high school students and one in eight young women reporting frequent episodes, federal health officials reported Tuesday.For women, binge drinking means downing four or more drinks on an occasion. Every month, about 14 million women and girls binge drink at least three times, according to the report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC. And women who binge drink average about six drinks at a time, the report said.

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With Romney, what you see is what you get (not in a good way)

I worked with Mitt Romney, in my first job out of college at Bain & Company in late 1984. My desk was right down the hall from the Bain Capital unit, so I was chosen to be the backup for the Bain Capital administrative assistant. I covered for her when she was out for the day or on vacation.

The other secretaries and I referred to the Bain Capital guys as the Stepford Guys, or the robots, or the Ken dolls. All eight of them were almost eerily similar in demeanor: stiff, remote and unapproachable. Most of them were young, so it was likely they were emulating their fearless leader – Mitt Romney.

I never saw Mitt lose his temper, act unprofessionally or be a real bastard the way some other high level Bainies could be. Trust me, working for a bunch of highly educated, highly paid, driven executives could be a real bitch if you were support staff. The only reason that I enjoyed my time there was because my work ethic and output were superior, so consultants wanted to be on my good side. If they needed a secretary to work overtime to get a presentation out the door on time, I was always the first choice. Consultants would often come to my desk with Frusen Gladje ice cream, chocolate and Red Sox tickets as inducement.

But although Mitt wasn’t unpleasant in any way to work with, he was so difficult to connect with, it was almost creepy. When Romney first started running for president, my husband asked me what he was like. I promptly replied with the first thing that popped into my mind: “There’s no there there.” Gertrude Stein originally said that about a place, but in this case it seemed to describe a person perfectly.

During my time at Bain, I attended an intimate (six people) dinner party at a Bainie’s condo that included Romney and his wife. Aside from the host and his wife and my date and I, Mitt and Ann were the only other attendees. Now, I realize that even at a private gathering, he was still essentially at work. Most people are wary of relaxing too much with co-workers, no matter what the venue. But when we left the dinner, my friend and I marveled at how detached Mitt had been all evening. We hadn’t been expecting him to get drunk and dance on the table, obviously, but his complete lack of connection during the evening made us uncomfortable.

What was interesting to me especially was that his wife Ann’s behavior was identical to his. I know that Romney family friends try to portray her as Mitt’s softer side, but I never saw any softness or warmth in her.

The Mitt Romney we saw in the beginning of the campaign – aloof, stiff, completely out of touch – that’s the real Romney. The guy we’ve seen recently – the jovial, more likeable man of the people –  is a mask, developed and rehearsed to get him elected president.

I don’t think he’s a bad person. But I don’t see how anyone so divorced from other people can do a good job as President of the United States. Cold, detached and dispassionate may (arguably) be good qualities for a businessman, but very scary in the leader of the free world, who holds people’s lives in his hands.


Think “It’s Not Me, It’s You,” When Dealing With Angry Person

For everyone who’s working in retail this holiday season…

HealthDay News — Telling yourself that an angry person is just having a bad day and that its not about you can help take the sting out of their ire, a new study suggests.This strategy of finding another way to regard an angry person is an approach commonly suggested in cognitive behavioral therapy. For example, you can tell yourself that the angry person has just lost his dog or received bad news and is taking it out on you.Stanford University researchers conducted two experiments to examine the speed and efficiency of this process of reappraising others emotions.

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Researchers Say They’ve Found Common Cause of All Types of ALS

The apparent discovery of a common cause of all forms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS could give a boost to efforts to find a treatment for the fatal neurodegenerative disease, a new study contends.Scientists have long struggled to identify the underlying disease process of ALS also known as Lou Gehrigs disease and werent even sure that a common disease process was associated with all forms of ALS.

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