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Image: Me and Lawrence in 2008Actually, my full legal name is Deborah Eve Frisch Martinides-Gray Deren Gray(long story). I live in California with my husband George and my son Lawrence. George is a partner in a public housing consulting company. I have a brother, Noah Frisch, and two sisters, Thea Gray and Sarah Stapleton-Gray. I also have two nieces, Kye Veronica and Chloe Thea (aren’t they beautiful?). Oh, and of course I have a mom, Tam Martinides Gray, and a dad, Larry Gray. Mom and Dad are both semi-retired. Mom has her own web site,

In 1995 I taught myself HTML and put my first web page up on Wing of Madness. All the content, design and coding of my sites is done by me, with help from WordPress.

I’m still trying to figure out if that B.A. in English Lit that I got from Simmons College will ever come in handy. I should have stuck it out in the BASIC course I took and become a programmer, but I got bored when they started having us write programs to draw a picture of Snoopy. I wanted to learn how to remotely control the Space Shuttle and break into Swiss bank accounts.

My Work


  • I have three tattoos, and yes, they did hurt.
  • I have Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Our family visited England in 1999.

To contact me:

My email account is with and my username is deborahegray. As you can see, I hate spam. Just put my username together with Note: Do not use this email address for any correspondence regarding Wing of Madness. Please see my Contact page.


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