Decluttering My Desk: Avoiding ADHD Pitfalls

So recently I decided that I couldn’t live with the clutter on my tiny desk anymore. Here’s a reminder of what my desk looks like pre-de-clutter:


The first thing I did was to take everything out and put it in a single big pile. There’s a good reason for doing it this way instead of doing one surface at a time. That way all similar items are put away in one fell swoop instead of being handled a few times.

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Decluttering My Desk: How Did the Mess Get Here?

So, I was finally fed up with not being able to find anything on my desk. I keep throwing things on it that never leave, and since I have a very small desk area, it doesn’t take much in the way of neglect to make it look like this (the bottom part is the keyboard shelf):

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ADHD – Simplifying Organization

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a veteran of numerous organizational methods. I think many adults with AD/HD are. We’re always looking for that magic organization bullet. When we come across a new method in the bookstore or in a magazine, we think "Maybe this is it!" We buy whatever tools we need and set up the system according to the directions of the evangelist who swears this is an easy, effective way to stay organized.

I think one of the most popular targets for organizing methods is paper, as setting up a system is difficult and maintaining it takes a lot of discipline.

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Keeping Your ADHD Child On Track and Organized

For me, parenting a child with ADHD is two parts love and one part frustration. I find myself saying, “But how could you forget to do that?” almost as many times as I say, “I love you, honey.” We know from experience that simply telling an ADHD child that he has to remember deadlines, stop losing things and stay on task doesn’t work. Our children just aren’t wired that way. The best thing I’e found to alleviate some of that frustration is to find ways to compensate for my son’s shortcomings. Here are a few strategies you might want to try.

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