Teachers are greedy? Really?

I am almost literally apoplectic after reading an article in today’s New York Times about verbal and written attacks on our nation’s teachers. What really got me going was this sentence:

Gov. Chris Christie’s dressing down of New Jersey teachers in town-hall-style meetings, accusing them of greed, has touched a populist vein and made him a national star.

So teachers are greedy. They’re barely making enough to cover their bills, but they’re called greedy, while Wall Streeters’ (who screwed the economy and everyone in the entire world who had money invested), multi-million dollar bonuses don’t seem to raise any eyebrows among conservatives.

Are you kidding me?

Teachers, I appreciate you. I appreciate that while I’m out working a nine hour day, my child is being taken care of by someone who did not get into this profession for the money (obviously) but for the love of it. I appreciate the things you do to get him excited about learning and curious about the world around him. I appreciate the extra time you spend with the kids who need a little (or a lot) more attention, even though the class size is over twenty and climbing.

I appreciate that you are doing your best to deal with budget cuts, and that you often pay for supplies out of your own pockets.

I appreciate all the time you spend after school grading papers, writing lesson plans, attending IEP meetings, attending PTA meetings and volunteering for various school functions.

I appreciate that you spend a lot of your free time evenings and weekends and in your “summers off” taking classes, some of which are mandated, but some that you take because you want to be a better teacher.

So, everyone who is not a teacher, hug a teacher today! Or tell them how much you appreciate them. Because apparently there are a lot of boneheads out there who don’t.